The most frequent questions we receive are from car shoppers wanting to know if they should buy today, or wait for a significant improvement to their desired vehicle. Ultimately, this is a decision we can not make for you. However, we have tapped our industry resources to produce this unofficial guide to the automotive future.
      Ford to Buy Land Rover From BMW

Ford Motor Company has reached a memorandum of understanding to buy Land Rover from the BMW Group. The transaction is subject to BMW and Ford reaching a definitive agreement, due diligence and regulatory approvals. If successful, the acquisition is expected to be completed in the second quarter.

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      2001 Ford Escape Prices Begin at $18,160

The all-new Ford Escape marks the company's expansion into the growing small SUV market. It has been designed to provide good fuel economy, low emissions, and compact package with nimble maneuverability on the road and a rugged capability for off-road driving.

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      2003 Ford Escape Hybrid-Electric

A hybrid-electric-powered Ford Escape is being designed to be the cleanest, most fuel-efficient sport/utility on the planet when it debuts in 2003. Ford is the first automaker to announce production plans for a hybrid-electric powered sport/utility vehicle, though others are not far behind
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2000 SVT Mustang Cobra R Product Begins

Production of the Ford Special Vehicle Team's all-new 2000 SVT Mustang Cobra 'R' -- the pony car icon taken to the extreme of pure performance -- began this week at Ford's Dearborn Assembly Plant. Developed specifically for racing -- but fully street legal -- only 300 SVT Mustang Cobra R models will be built, and sold through select SVT certified Ford dealers.                                
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       Chrysler PT Cruiser Heads for Europe

 European customers eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Chrysler PT Cruiser need only  wait a few more days. The first 450 Chrysler PT Cruisers headed for Europe were loaded on a ship this past week at the port of Veracruz, Mexico.
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      Porsche Recalls 1999 & 2000 911 C4s

Porsche Cars of North America has announced a voluntary recall of 1999 and 2000 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 models to update the software in the instrument cluster that determines fuel quantity. The recall involves a total of 2,734 vehicles in the U.S. and 177 vehicles in Canada.
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