A century ago, Thomas Edison encouraged Henry Ford to keep up his good work on the gasoline engine runabout. Little could either man know how successful Mister Ford and his counterparts would be in not only perfecting the gasoline engineered automobile, but in driving from the marketplace the then popular battery electric car.
Now 100 years later, Ford Motor Company is looking to turn history on its head by reintroducing an affordable, practical electric car.

GM Introduces Generation II EV1
As the story goes, Bill Gates once commented to GM's president that if Detroit built cars with the same advances in technology as computers, the cars would cost under $100, go 250 miles per hour and get 1000 miles per gallon. To which the president retorted that might be true, but how many drivers would want a car that crashes twice a day. 
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Daimler Chrysler's Jeep Fuel Cell Concept Vehicle
Now here's an idea whose time has come!  Imagine a hulking sport utility vehicle with all the comfort of your family room, the sure-footed-ness of a mountain goat, and virtually ZERO tailpipe emissions!
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Mister Practical - Honda EV Plus!!
I guess I am through male menopause. After having had the opportunity to compare the Honda EV Plus and the GM EV1 in back-to-back test drives, I came away preferring the Honda.
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The Sensible Ute - Toyota RAV4-EV
After two years and 300,000 total driving miles in Japan and the US, late last year Toyota began leasing a sensible sport utility vehicle that offers many of the perceived benefits of the standard Ute, but with zero tailpipe emissions.
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Toyota Prius Jump Starts Hybrid Car Competition
I stood talking with a GM engineer at EVS14 looking across the exhibition hall at the impressive Toyota Motor Company display. There, under a towering archway proclaiming the distinctively Oriental concept of "Harmonious Growth," the Japanese car company displayed the world's first production hybrid-electric car
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Canada's Bombardier Introduces NV
After nearly four years of research and development, the Canadian transportation conglomerate Bombardier (pronounced 'bomb-bar-dee-ay') is now marketing an affordable "neighborhood electric vehicle" called the NV.
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