Daily rentals or short term leasing of any vehicle from any location in the World, to any destination in the World.

      Wind tunnel (Lockheed)
      Cold weather (Timmins Ontario or Bemidji Minnesota)
Desert of Arizona
      Mountains of Colorado
      Off road (Borego Springs, CA)

Camera  Ready Cars

Cars Are The Stars
Studio rentals
Photo Shoots
Video Shoots
Show quality Cars
Cars For The Stars
Market research
Benchmark Comparison

Competitive vehicle rentals

Specialty Vehicles
Evaluation Vehicles
       Ride and Drive
              On Road
              Off Road
       Test Track
       Special Location Support

All vehicles procured and provided with your exact specifications and requirements.

Global Logistical Support:

Any place/ any time
Globals 24/7 team support service

Service 365 days a year.
24 hour notice normally, with exceptions on difficult projects.
All vehicles will be delivered to required sight

1) Fully prepared for use
2) Cleaned
3) Fueled Up

All Makes and Models
All time measurements will be based on usage only.
All mileage measurements will be based on usage only.
A thorough inspection at delivery and at pick-up.
Temporary tags provided if required.

Additional Charges:

Damage/Body and paint:
Will be based on book rate, provided the total cost of repair is less than the maximum, allowable disclosure limit in the states or country of rental usage. If repair cost exceeds the maximum limit, in addition to the repair cost an additional 10% for dealer cost will be charged to curtail the cost of the damaged vehicles.

Any vehicle rented for test track evaluation, will have the Replacement cost charged at dealer cost plus 10% for handling

Excess Mileage:

Any additional mileage above agreed total will result
In a per mile charge.

Missing Items:

Replacement charge of dealer cost plus 10% for handling fee.


Static            :10 mile limit
Evaluation      :Less than 200 mile limit
Ride And Drive :Less than 500 mile limit
Benchmarking  :Over 500 mile limit

Global requirements from the customer:

Rental Type
Testing Procedure
Special Requirements
Content Restriction
Delivery and Return dates and times

Rental payment terms

- Payment to be guaranteed for any agreed service rendered
  By Irrevocable Purchase Order.
- Rentals net 15/30.