Engineering Vehicles


Technology has changed the way vehicles are engineered, designed and manufactured. At Global we have changed the way vehicles are sourced for your competitive vehicle needs. Using our advanced systems and online Global network, we link to thousands of Global suppliers.
Once we receive a request for any vehicle from 
any market, we locate the vehicles, competitively 
bid them and after we have received the order we 
then procure and deliver to any location in the world.
Eliminate the traditional ineffective and costly 
hodgepodge process of procuring your competitive 
vehicles. Let our 
interactive web sight fit seamlessly into your 
supplier chain and solve your competitive vehicle 
needs today.  

Durability Study

As an ongoing commitment to quality it may   require that routinely you must select customer vehicles for inspection and analysis. This testing allows you to monitor and improve your product based upon real world conditions. With 
sourcing specific vehicles that fit your required target profile is our business. With e links to our global network of data bases we source the vehicles that meet those needs and provide them at the lowest possible cost.   

Global Market Place:


We at along with our global partners are prepared to support the importing and exporting of any make or model from any market around the world. Whether the request is for vehicle purchases or vehicle disposal. With special licenses in every market our Global Network is fully capable of handing your total competitive car needs worldwide, at the lowest possible cost and with the highest quality of service.

New Releases:

With we specialize in sourcing all the new releases in the Global market place. With a link to our global network we capture and maintain an up to the second database with all the production and release information on all new technology’s coming to the market. Our service will forward you advance release information (using push e technology) for any vehicles that meet your benchmark or target market. This will allow you to position your order to assure you the earliest delivery date for any vehicle from any market in the world.   


  • A vehicle with new technology introduced in Japan.
  • A new high performance engine management system released in Germany.
  • A low cost production transportation vehicle in India.